Author: Katie

Do you ruck funning just a little bit?!

Do you ruck funning just a little bit?!

My very first blog post! Do you see that ^ up there ^ ? That peachy bottom? Well, that’s my bottom (finally) getting into gear and setting up my blog on this lovely Bank Holiday Monday. Well actually it’s not my bottom, it’s very obviously the bottom of a computer generated lady who, quite unfairly, has a much nicer and peachier bottom than I do. But hey ho.

Why am I setting up a blog I hear you ask. Because I am finally strong enough to sit in a little circle, put my hand up and quietly whisper “Ruck funning.”

Ruck funning because I hate it and love it in equal measures.

Ruck funning because of my ridiculously weak pelvic floor muscles.

Ruck funning because I’m a mummy of two and there’s no other way to fit any kind of exercise into my day.

Ruck funning because, as stupid as it may sound, thirty minutes of pain and breathlessness is sometimes preferable to being followed around, pawed at and made to watch one more episode of whiny Bing.

Ruck funning because it’s made me think more about what I eat and yet I still can’t stop eating crap.

Ruck funning because I was promised weight loss but not notified about the cravings for carbs.

Ruck funning because all the gear has bankrupted me.

Ruck funning because my internet searches now consist mostly of running races.

Ruck funning because of my thousands upon thousands of injuries.

Ruck funning because of the awful alopecia that sent me wandering in the direction of something, anything, that would take my mind off it (even if by ‘taking my mind off it’ meant ‘Being in so much physical pain nothing else can be thought of”)

Ruck funning because I want to get faster!

Any of these sound familiar? Then welcome, join the group, pull up a chair, raise your hand and repeat after me….

‘Ruck Funning’